This is off the top of my head and I may have missed out things. Just a summary and definitely not a comprehensive comparison.

1. A few things have disappeared from the monthly list i.e. Online/Streaming platforms purchases and FNB Pay transactions.

2. App transactions used to count for 2000 points -> Now only count for 500

3. Viewing track my rewards used to count for 500 points -> Now counts for 1000.

4. Discount spend caps have been implemented. These will go into effect from September onward.

5. Much more focus is being placed on the Virtual Credit Card (VCC). You probably started using this since last year, but going forward will have to use it for almost all your purchases (online and instore).

You can use your VCC using one of the following methods: FNB Tap to Pay (requires NFC on your phone), Scan to Pay & Checkout, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay & SwatchPAY!

6. The best combo to have is the Fusion account+Credit Card bundle. You then create a VCC on the credit account and use this to make at least 80% of your purchases. The Fusion account will function as your normal transactional/“cheque” account. Best time to change accounts or upgrade is immediately after the monthly allocation.

7. You will need to create accounts with Udemy/Extramarks/eBucks Games/BiB/The ENTERTAINER (check on FNB app) so that you have access to these services and can get the monthly points.

8. eBucks have become notoriously bad with their tracking of what you have/haven’t done on the app. I would advise that you turn on your phone screen recorder while you go through the checklist so your have proof all items were done.

9. Points requirements for L5:

   Prem: 11000 points
   PC  : 12500 points
   PW/RMB: 14500 points

It is easier to make L5 this year. You can hit L5 just by getting the points from the Income deposits/Debit transactions, Digital Banking and My Cards categories (check the eBucks calculator).

10. For the monthly deposit rule: Funds must come from an external account i.e. Inter-account transfers are not counted. Transfers from a spousal account are valid.

11. The alternative to monthly deposits is the the 10 debit transactions. The list of qualifying/excluded debit transactions:

Qualifying debit transactions include cash withdrawals at ATM, Branch or Cash@Till®, cardless cash withdrawals, Debit card purchases, electronic and manual payments, eWallet and Money Transfer, internal and external debit orders, prepaid purchases (airtime, electricity and pay TV license) and LOTTO/Powerball purchases.

Qualifying debit transactions exclude account fees and interest charges, ATM, Branch and eChannel transfers, Bank Your Change™ transfers, cash deposits at Branch and ATM and convenience and value-added services (electronic subscription services, balance alerts, payment notifications, card courier fee as well as Pay and Clear Now)

12. The R8/litre back in fuel if you have your car financed via Wesbank has now changed to R6/litre. You can get an additional R2/litre (so R8/litre in total) if you have your vehicle loaded on nav» Car (under’My Garage’) and have FNB Comprehensive Car Insurance with FNB Short Term Insurance.