Once offs (set and forget):

  1. Have a Fusion Account + Card/Credit Account + Card:

    One : [1000 points]
    Both: [2000 points]
  2. Have an active Islamic transactional account and at least one other active Islamic linked savings account, Islamic term deposit account, or Islamic WesBank vehicle finance account. [1000 points]

  3. Spouse/Partner linked with matching account type [1000 points to both people]

  4. Maintain a healthy Credit status on nav» Money:

    Light green:  [500 points]
    Dark green : [1000 points]


  1. Manage your property or use one of the available services under the nav» Home tab on the FNB App once a quarter. Visit the ’nav-igate life’ tab then select ’nav» Home’. [500 points] :

Quarters will run from:

1 July to 30 September (Q1)
1 October to 31 December (Q2)
1 January to 31 March (Q3) 
1 April to 30 June (Q4) 

In order to enjoy this benefit monthly, nav» Home should be accessed in the beginning of each quarter.